Friday, October 28, 2011


Alright so here's the thing; I hate bras with an utter passion. They are uncomfortable and annoying however I would love love love to design lingerie. And I love the history of undergarments.  I would like to think I could make it support, comfortable and sexy all in the same garment but that is somewhere down the road. So anywho back to actual bras. Recently I have discovered the racer back bra, well I didn't discover it myself nor had I never not heard of it until now BUT I have thought it about it logically and it makes the most sense. Bra straps fall down and slid around because they go across our shoulder blades which move quite frequently so this here racer back which originated for sports players because it keeps your "girls" in place, is quite extraordinary. But also this bra is much more comfortable because it comes to a v in the middle of your back avoiding the shoulder blades plus it is the most support and it lifts them up and makes they look kind of lovely. But all of this is of course just from personal observation; well and one of my bestest completely agrees. AND! Your bra straps are most likely hidden. If there were a myth about the worth of this bra I would have proved its importance.


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