Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Naughty Teeth

Yesterday I called the dentist because I was way overdue for a cleaning and I felt as though a cavity was a-coming. Let's just say this is not my first rodeo and I knew the amount of candy I had been consuming was doing me no good.They had several openings and could fit me in immediately so of course I agreed because why not? This did not leave me anytime to worry and wallow and brush my teeth a million times a day, instead I ran around the office in search of a toothbrush and paste.

So my speculations were right; I had a cavity, but not just any cavity I had a cavity UNDERNEATH a filling. Lovely, fabulous, grand. So after a half hour of the dental hygienist telling me that I have been doing a terrible job taking care of my already terrible teeth ( I come from a long line of bad teeth on my father's side) I am booking another appointment for the next day. (FUCK) So they rip out the filling that is supposed to cure the already angry tooth and refill it. And this all goes down an hour before I regularly eat lunch. So I think I can go get some soup or yogurt or maybe some cottage cheese, but noooooooo it has to be fucking LASAGNA day at Byerly's and let me tell you it is some kind of wonderful. So I get it, and struggle my way through eating half of it. So word to your mother: do not book a dental appointment within three or four hours of a feeding time and maybe take a shot of whiskey before hand so it won't be so awful.


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