Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oatmeal Creme Pies

              In high school I was in marching band. Yes I am nerdy, yes I was in band but without this I would not have met a good friend that I still have to this day. This said friend and I always sat next to each other and brought snacks to share with one another as to keep us from starving on the long bus rides. 

             One of the trips my friend brought a box of oatmeal creme pies.  I was stoked, overjoyed, ecstatic but we realized that this was a fairly large box of cookies and that if everyone were to see this box they would want one too. So of course the only logical answer was to shove it up my shirt, and that is just what I did. We get on the bus, slyly sneaking it past rows and rows of kids and we sit down. I wait a few minutes so that everyone can settle in and get situated for our long journey. After about ten minutes pass I figure we are golden so I slowly pull the box out of my shirt, facing my friend who is sitting next to the window and I have done it, I have safely gotten a full box of oatmeal creme pies onto a bus full of band nerds. I was just beaming. I grinned at my friend and she grinned back. 

            We started to open the box and all of a sudden one of the mother's yells at me "HEY RHODES, WHATCHA GOT?!?!" and my big mouth opened and I screamed:

                                   "OATMEAL CREME PIES" 

            "Awwwwwww shit" I think. And I look back at my friend who is no longer grinning all the while fifteen kids are asking if they can have a damn oatmeal creme pie. And being the nice folks that we were we gave them away and had to split one between the both of us. And that my friends is just one instance of me getting in trouble because I cannot keep my damn mouth shut.


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