Sunday, August 28, 2011

things to do before I die/turn 30:

before I turn 30:

*in no particular order...


spend the night in a haunted house(like, a real one, not a B&B)

see the northern lights

live in a foreign county for a lil bit(I'm thinking France)and learn the language

have my palm read(shit scares me)

throw a dart on a map and travel where it lands

join the mile high club 

attend a foam party 

Before I die: (of old age)

*in no particular order...

build a tree house(from scratch. with a roof. high enough to be dangerous)

restore an old house into my dream home (complete with claw foot tub and huge porch)

storm chase a tornado (hopefully with professionals, but if i can't get in with the in crowd, I'll do this later in life... ) 

write a book (this is my bucket list "marathon" i hate running, i love reading)

adopt a child 

give birth (I'd probably be ok with one adopted kid but i really want to know what it feels like to push a human out of my body)

get a standing ovation 

create at least one piece of art that changes someones life 

My burning desire to cross things off of lists is unyielding, but if these things in particular do not get crossed off it'll kill me. 


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