Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Homes Five

I have only lived in one house my entire life, and my father built it. I never appreciated it as a child hence the drawings on the wood walls and the paint on the floorboards in the downstairs bathroom that my poor parents let me paint ugly shades because I could have cared less. But it is truly lovely and I am happy to be back in it. But besides that house which is 511, every apartment or dorm that I lived in except one, started with a five. I didn't even realize the pattern until I moved into my last apartment in Chicago which was nearly perfect. 525 where Medusa also lived was a dorm building that I kind of loved and everyone hated because there were so many rules, but I was not a rule breaker at this point in my life. Then came 59, another dorm but luxurious with my own room. Next on the list, 5035,was my first apartment and it was nearly perfect and I loved it. Then came the 946 and it was tiny, shitty and dark and I hated it and that is how I knew it was not meant to be because it was not a five. Lastly 5535, was nearly perfect minus the asshole who turned on all the faucets when the water was turned off, left them on and flooded the three apartments below her's ruining my stuff. But on a happy note I loved it there but I sadly had to leave because I could not afford it.


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